antirez f95a88d988 Fix create-cluster BIN_PATH. 3 years ago
create-cluster f95a88d988 Fix create-cluster BIN_PATH. 3 years ago
graphs 4d625bb4c8 Added Tcl program to show commits graphicaly. 7 years ago
hashtable 93238575f7 Fix typo 4 years ago
hyperloglog 87cc94864c Fix HyperLogLog test script for new redis-rb API. 5 years ago
lru 9f1b7ab2ed test-lru.rb: support for testing volatile-ttl policy. 6 years ago
releasetools 4eedb0bf94 changelog.tcl: get optional argument for number of commits. 4 years ago
srandmember f284e37f24 showfreq.rb: collect more data for better graphs. 4 years ago
build-static-symbols.tcl bcfc686db7 Tcl script, make target, and redis.c changes to build the static symbol table automagically 13 years ago
cluster_fail_time.tcl 79fa67cdb8 Cluster: Tcl script to check avg pfail->fail time. 8 years ago
corrupt_rdb.c ab1e87f5b1 fix corrupt_rdb.c bug.Let the name of input rdb file name be valid. 4 years ago b087dd1db6 TLS: Connections refactoring and TLS support. 3 years ago
generate-command-help.rb b2fc2eaecb Add the stream group to the script generating the help. 5 years ago ec5681f0f1 Do not install SysV init-scripts on systemd-enabled hosts 3 years ago
redis-copy.rb ae8642fb79 Deprecate utils/redis-copy.rb in favor of redis-copy gem 9 years ago
redis-sha1.rb e96e4fbf15 Two important fixes to append only file: zero length values and expires. A pretty neat new test to check consistency of randomly build datasets against snapshotting and AOF. 13 years ago
redis_init_script 674909f442 Add INIT INFO to the provided init script. 5 years ago
redis_init_script.tpl dab5c09acc Update redis_init_script.tpl 8 years ago
speed-regression.tcl d5a8018287 speed-regression.tcl: command line options to select tests, data size, and number of requests. 11 years ago
systemd-redis_multiple_servers@.service 5bbc112fb1 Provide example systemd service unit files for redis-server 3 years ago
systemd-redis_server.service 5bbc112fb1 Provide example systemd service unit files for redis-server 3 years ago
tracking_collisions.c 5e0faf4959 tracking_collisions.c: sha1 + crc64 implemented. 3 years ago 5b2bbef9fc Mark as deprecated in top-comment. 8 years ago