Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  antirez 365316aa59 Revert "optimize memory usage of deferred replies" 3 years ago
  antirez fe980e2334 Save a call to stopThreadedIOIfNeeded() for the base case. 3 years ago
  antirez 69ce235c7b Update help.h again before Redis 6 GA. 3 years ago
  antirez 684c5907dd redis-cli: fix hints with subcommands. 3 years ago
  antirez 6fcdf75325 redis-cli command help updated. 3 years ago
  Salvatore Sanfilippo 15b040907c Merge pull request #4838 from soloestoy/lazyfree-eviction 3 years ago
  antirez 058c727282 MIGRATE AUTH2 for ACL support. 3 years ago
  antirez cec388f208 CLIENT KILL USER <username>. 3 years ago
  zhaozhao.zz 528ea98bd3 lazyfree & eviction: record latency generated by lazyfree eviction 4 years ago
  antirez fd8f39a283 Fix tracking table max keys option in redis.conf. 3 years ago
  antirez 551fed3169 redis-cli: safer cluster fix with unreachalbe masters. 3 years ago
  antirez 7c29c9eec1 redis-cli: simplify cluster nodes coverage display. 3 years ago
  antirez 86a1386d6f redis-cli: try to make clusterManagerFixOpenSlot() more readable. 3 years ago
  antirez 1a5c3a9a60 Merge branch 'unstable' of into unstable 3 years ago
  antirez d2a6c5ffa2 Comment clearly why we moved some code in #6623. 3 years ago
  srzhao 4024bc7eee fix pipelined WAIT performance issue. 3 years ago
  Salvatore Sanfilippo d4a2970092 Merge pull request #7161 from guybe7/xinfo_full_count 3 years ago
  Guy Benoish 057865a6a5 XINFO STREAM FULL should have a default COUNT of 10 3 years ago
  antirez f95a88d988 Fix create-cluster BIN_PATH. 3 years ago
  Salvatore Sanfilippo e0de7c0852 Merge pull request #7134 from guybe7/xstate_command 3 years ago
  Guy Benoish 1e2aee3919 Extend XINFO STREAM output 3 years ago
  Salvatore Sanfilippo ce25ceda58 Merge pull request #7101 from hwware/fixunusedmarco 3 years ago
  Salvatore Sanfilippo 615eae2c82 Merge pull request #6942 from itamarhaber/clustrutil-binpath 3 years ago
  Salvatore Sanfilippo 4d4c8c8a40 Merge pull request #7160 from oranagra/refix-get_decoded_object 3 years ago
  Oran Agra 9a3dab0a2e hickup, re-fix dictEncObjKeyCompare 3 years ago
  Salvatore Sanfilippo e8bc306850 Merge pull request #7155 from oranagra/psync2_tests_race 3 years ago
  Oran Agra d31c0c5264 fix loading race in psync2 tests 3 years ago
  antirez 31781e97b6 Rework comment in dictEncObjKeyCompare(). 3 years ago
  Salvatore Sanfilippo 73316758be Merge pull request #7152 from oranagra/dict_find_static_robj 3 years ago
  Oran Agra 09a5c07886 allow dictFind using static robj 3 years ago