1. AUTHORS of findutils
  2. I do not know the name of the original author of the findutils
  3. package, but the authors of all the major components are known. Eric
  4. B. Decker contributed GNU find and Michael Rendell contributed xargs.
  5. James A. Woods contributed locate.
  6. Here are the names of some authors culled from ChangeLog and
  7. miscellaneous other files. The main criterion for whether your name
  8. ends up in this file or in THANKS is that the people with entries here
  9. donated code or documentation which was significant enough to require
  10. a copyright assignment.
  11. The locate program and its helper programs are derived (heavily
  12. modified) from James Woods' public domain fast-find code, which is
  13. also distributed with the 4.3BSD find.
  14. Eric B. Decker <>, <>
  15. Michael Rendell
  16. David J. MacKenzie
  17. Jim Meyering
  18. Tim Wood
  19. Kevin Dalley <>
  20. Paul Eggert <>
  21. James Youngman <>
  22. Jay Plett
  23. Paul Sheer
  24. Dmitry V. Levin
  25. Bas van Gompel
  26. Eric Blake <>
  27. Andreas Metzler
  28. Kamil Dudka <>
  29. Bernhard Voelker <>
  30. The current maintainer of the findutils package is James Youngman.
  31. Questions about findutils should be addressed to the mailing list,
  32. <> which, contrary to the impression given by its
  33. name, is used for general discussion of the findutils package.